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Keltron presents a series of LED lighting systems to match various applications. These lighting systems are manufactured by Keltron Lighting Division at Mudadi, Kozhikode in Kerala State, a state-of-the-art facility that integrates the most advanced LED sources, driver technologies, optics and design to produce highly reliable world-class luminaires. The R&D effort has been fully focused on reducing energy consumption, extending life and maximising illumination performance of lighting systems.

The advanced LED technology inside each Keltron Luminaire is renowned for quality, high luminance and long life.

  Why choose Keltron LED lighting?  
    High Luminance Lighting  
        Keltron’s lighting technology, using world class components provides superior lighting performance.  
    Low Operational Costs  
        Ketron's lamps and luminaires use much less energy than traditional lighting. Cost savings due to low consumption as well as carbon reduction from upgrading to LED lighting will continuously reduce operational costs.  
    Reduced Maintenance Costs  
        Keltron's luminaires are designed for very long life. Consequently replacements are few and far between resulting in very low maintenance and upkeep costs. Depending on application, the payback period for LED lighting ranges typically from one to three years.  
    Easy to install  
        The luminaires are designed with bases which fit traditional mounting options so that they can work as direct replacements as well as for new installations.  
    UL Certification  
        Keltron luminaires are UL Certified for safety.  
    Other Features  
    50% Energy Saving  
    25% Brighter Illumination  
    15 Years of Life  
    2 Year Warranty  
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