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KELTRON Overview.

Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. The company is fully owned by Government of Kerala.KELTRON Group comprises the holding company, Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited and ten subsidiary and associate companies turning out more than hundred different types of products. These products are marketed through a strong sales and distribution network spanning the entire country, through the seven branch offices located at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, to ensure that the products are backed by dedicated support and service.
Over the years KELTRON has accomplished much more than what is set out to achieve; to industrialise a virgin territory and to provide employment opportunities to the teeming millions. It pioneered new concepts in industry and management, and created many products for the first time in the country. KELTRON has not only changed the industrial profile of the State but has even transformed the lifestyles of its people. Trivandrum, the corporate head-quarters of KELTRON once a placid town, is now a sophisticated city humming among with the highest in Quality of Life Index. More than offering employment opportunities to the people, Keltron has trained and nurtured many high calibre managers and technical hands who have in turn enlarged the horizons of a developmental process that it had initiated years ago.
Today, KELTRON products remain as icons of technology brought to benefit the people. As diverse as its products and their uses are, they are unified by its pivotal strength as a solutions provider. It is this philosophy that has made KELTRON a vital contributor to the changing needs of the world and the community to which it belongs to, during the last quarter century .From within the four walls of your drawing room to the vast expanse of an international airport, from the deep oceans to the realms of outer space, there is a KELTRON product in the form of an innovative solution.

Continuing in its quest to bring the benefits of frontier technology to its customers, KELTRON has forged strategic alliances with world leaders in the trade. Its focus today is in adapting technology to fulfil the needs of its customers with a renewal mission to emerge as a provider of better solutions for the future.
Keltron is a technology driven enterprise that manufacturers and markets electronic components, equipment and systems for communications, defence, industrial and home applications. Coupled with the high-calibre technical expertise available in house, KELTRON has repositioned itself as a total solutions provider in electronics. The current capabilities of the Company include system integration, project management and consultancy.
Nearly 4000 employees working in different part of the country are focused on bringing the benefits of technology to the customers. In some cases, it involves designing entirely new products. In others, adapting available technology to evolve better solutions.

What distinguishes a customer-oriented Company like KELTRON from others is its ability to put itself in the customer’s shoes. It is not just a matter of seeking a problem as a customer sees, but of charting a course for farsighted solutions as well. Every day, technology spins out an increasing number of options for the customers to choose from. It is only intensive knowledge, hands on experience and technical expertise that can help make the right choice. KELTRON’s strength lies in its quarter century of experience, abundance of expertise, and a sound knowledge base, all equipped to provide the most appropriate solutions to customers. KELTRON strives for quality in whatever it does. The attention to detail which KELTRON had inherited right from the beginning has helped it earn outstanding honours since its infancy in 1973. Quality and reliability of KELTRON products have been endorsed over and over by the large customer base and ISO 9000.