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Virtual Reality Lab
KELTRON’s Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Lab is first-of-its kind facility in Kerala. We welcome you to our lab to explore, experience, and experiment with AR/VR and get into a world of new experience.


Augmented & Virtual reality combines the virtual-world & real-world by overlaying the digital interactive content on the real world. They both have the remarkable ability to alter our perception of the world. Come to our lab and explore how an AR/VR experience is created.

Virtual Reality, through closed visors or goggles, blocks out the room where we are and puts our presence in a different world. Putting a VR headset over your eyes will leave you blind to the current world, but will expand your senses with experiences within. You might even find yourself on top of Mountain or on a virtual roller coaster. The immersion is quite dramatic, with some users reporting feelings of movement as they ascend a staircase or ride a rollercoaster within the virtual environment.