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Video Conferencing Solution & AV Integration

The expansion of Digital Transformation has delivered operational benefits, including reduced travel costs and accelerated decision-making. Video Conferencing service supports a key pillar of your digital transformation. Virtual meetings do more than simply boosting productivity. They also enable you to schedule multi-team engagements, real-time communication.

Video Conferencing Solution &AV Interegation
  •  Maintaining Global partnership

    By forging strategic alliances with world leaders, KELTRON is poised to maintain a global presence and keep itself abreast of current technologies. With the synergy of high skilled man power and assured access to frontier technology, KELTRON braces itself as a provider of innovative solutions, meeting the future needs of its customers.

     PRO –Customer Approach

    KELTRON believes that future holds more for those who make technology work than for those inventing it. Our Teams work with you to keenly understand the goals and objectives to help you design cost effective solutions with competitive advantage.

     Quality Excellence

    We believe in achieving highest quality in all our operations and functions to ensure superiorquality in every parameter of our deliverables. Being a CMMI level 3 organization we ensure that our business models surpass and create new global industry benchmarks.

    Our processes comply with international best practices such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). In addition, our operations have been ISO certified for excellence in quality, services and security: 

    • ISO 9001:2008: Quality Management Systems
    • ISO 20000: IT Service Management
    • ISO 27001: Information Security
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