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Aerospace Electronics

Keltron has proudly partnered ISRO through the history of India’s space program. Right from the inception of the early SLV/ASLV program the successful PSLV and GSLV launch vehicles, and the historic Chandrayan mission - right upto the present time through the development of the heavy GSLV Mark III to launch 4 tonne satellites into geostationary transfer orbits.
Keltron’s contribution is present in all the critical sub-assemblies and their testing which includes launch vehicle navigation and guidance computers, stage processing modules, control electronics modules, inertial sensing unit's power module, DC-DC converters, resin electronic module, to mention a few. Our participation extends to the family of ISRO satellites as well.

Approval has been obtained to establish an Integration & Testing facility for doing assembly and integration of Avionics subassemblies for launch vehicles PSLV, GSLV, and MK III at Keltron Equipment Complex in association with ISRO to cater to the demands of ISRO for meeting the increased launching needs.

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